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Aberje: state of the art of Organizational Communication
It is with great pleasure that we present the eighth edition of the International Course Aberje - Syracuse University Corporate Communications, a joint initiative of Aberje and Newshouse School's Communications Management Faculty, Syracuse University, New York, USA, recognized by American professionals as the best program Public Relations and Organizational Communication from the United States. This annual course consisting of five modules, offers Brazilian professionals the opportunity to exchange experiences with recognized U.S. and Canadian teachers.

Over the past 45 years, one of the biggest challenges of Aberje is generating knowledge and promoting innovation in the field of Organizational Communication and Public Relations, educate and train managers. Therefore, we seek at Syracuse University to provide a reference to the Brazilian market alignment with international trends.

This is another initiative Aberje to bring the country to the state of the art International Organizational Communication with foreign professionals and share our successful experiences in Brazil.

Paul Nassar Eraldo Carneiro Director-General Aberje Chairman of the Board Aberje Syracuse University: step change

The course created for Aberje based on research among its members and the analysis and understanding of the major challenges that corporate communications professionals are in a globalized environment. These challenges are universal and form the basis of training programs for executives in Syracuse: assisting the professional PR to pass the assessment "irrelevant" to "essential" before the senior management of organizations. We believe that the key is the ability to move from traditional activities for the strategic management of the communication process.

The communicator of today - and tomorrow - have to be part of the group of managers: strategic planning needs to know, be able to advise, contribute to the process of decision-making, and be an expert in research, analyzing the results in planning and in assessment and moderation.

Our beliefs are based on our history as educators in the area of ​​Public Relations in the United States. The course Public Relations Newhouse is among the top three in the U.S. and is touted as the number one professional. We are one of the few schools offering training in Public Relations at three levels: bachelor, postgraduate (Masters) and PhD. Our courses extend to Canada, Asia, Africa - and now Latin America. Our illustrious graduates working in all aspects of public relations practice, research and teaching in the world.

Maria P. Russell, Professor of Public Affairs and director of "new initiatives" in the study of Public Relations.

Coordinator: go beyond the experience reports

My responsibility is to act as the coordinator for the high expectations of the participants are met. It is always a challenge, however, in a learning environment with a focus on multinational and strategic issues without own income, success will depend on the tight integration between participants and teachers from Syracuse University. Trust and apply a constructivist process in coordinating the program where participants have a greater responsibility to participate and contribute to the success of the program.

Critical Convergences: Readings for Analysis, Argument, and Academic Writing
Book (Pearson Custom Publishing)
2003-05-20 08:19:49 by roseba

2nd voucher

Doubtful. I thought the instructors were good, but the place was run terribly at CV. Yes, very shady.
NYIT is affiliated with Syracuse university.
I am sure there are a number of other fine programs out there. But at this point, my voucher is for NYIT.
I urge all potential Java students to pick it for one reason and one reason only.
You pick another school and you will have the same problem I am having. Perpetually waiting to fill the class. In the meantime, the voucher goes to waste.
If we all pick the same school... at least we will be able to use that voucher.

2008-05-18 08:48:35 by no_surprise_here

Biased study leads to biased conclusion

"But Tim Smeeding, an economics professor at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University, who was not involved in the study, said he's seen no convincing evidence that the marriage-strengthening programs work......
Another expert not connected to the study, University of Michigan sociologist Pamela Smock, suggested that bigger investments in education would pay long-term dividends -- improving economic prospects even for children from fragmented, disadvantaged families.
"Providing a global number doesn't give us anything to go on," said Smock, who was skeptical of the study's $112 billion estimate."

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