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We are in the beautiful state of North Carolina, in the southeastern United States. But we are known far beyond our local area as one of the top research universities in the world. Our degree programs are among the best and our studies graduate and professional schools in business, theology, engineering, environment, law, medicine, nursing and public policy are among the leaders in their areas.

Our admissions process is highly selective. Duke students come from different parts of the United States and more than 90 countries. We have about 6, 300 undergraduate and 7, 000 graduate and professional students, who study a wide variety of specialties and degrees. At the same time, we emphasize interdisciplinary learning by bringing together academics and students from various areas of study. For example, chemists and biologists work with lawyers, economists and others to study climate change and global health. Our experts in politics, history, languages, public policy, religion and other areas of study interact with engineers and artists to discuss international issues.

These interactions also illustrate the great commitment of our university with "knowledge in service to society." Over 75 percent of our students perform community service, and DukeEngage program provides extensive funding and support to undergraduate students seeking intensive service projects worldwide. Many students and faculty at Duke studying social issues such as poverty, health care, energy, international politics and ethics.

We are a global university too. On our campus, you'll find more than 2, 000 international students, classes in 25 foreign languages, arts ranging from Brazilian music to African dance and religious programs for Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and other religious students. Beyond our campus, nearly half of the Duke undergraduate students studying abroad. In addition, we have over 300 partnerships with international institutions, including graduate studies programs in Singapore, China, India, Russia, England, Dubai, Tanzania and elsewhere.

Duke thing that makes it special is the way in which we strive for excellence not only in academics but also in sports and other fields. We think "Duke experience" goes far beyond the classroom. If you join our community, you are invited to paint their faces blue and cheering for our teams Blue Demons or engage in other activities that you have never experienced before. As you complete your studies, you can also take advantage of our many programs to promote careers that will help you find a job or continue with advanced education. When you're back at home, you can interact with friends Duke graduates through more than 40 clubs from former international students.

2005-04-22 18:43:18 by Youaskedforit

USF: the Honest TRUTH

This is an unbiased review of USF.
What's good and what's now good about USF? Well, first the good. As most know, USF has a very international campus, beautiful grounds, and a good variety of programs both in Undergraduate, Graduate, and Law. It is also a Jesuit Institution of the Roman Catholic faith. However, the religion doesn't really stand out at USF. You are not required to be catholic to go, and many of the students are of Middle Eastern Faith or even have beliefs in Science or are Agnostic.
You do have to take one course on religion and beliefs while at USF, but these range from Christianity to Jung, Frued, Judiasm, and Hinduism

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