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The management consultant is a professional competent in counseling in conducting [1] a ' company [2] , in its organizational management and the improvement of its processes.

The management consultant [3] (also known as management consultant) is the partner of top management ( directors and / or managers ) or of ' entrepreneur in the planning of the organizational system and, above all, its improvement. For organizational system, in a general sense, means: the definition of objectives and programs of action, the articulation in organizational units ( functions and / or divisions ), the structure of processes (operational and support), the implementation of the procedures and policies, monitoring and reporting of activities, performance monitoring, implementation of corrective actions.

In the Anglo-Saxon economic discipline that has traditionally developed for this first form of counseling for ' business and public bodies , the English term management consulting, or management consulting, is associated with the specialized activities in support of the summit in the government of 'company for everything that is not "compliance" (legal, accounting, personnel administration, etc..).

When the context is highly structured (large companies, multinationals , government complexes), you must add the dimension "geographical" (locations across the country) in the dynamic analysis and organizational management. Or, in the case of group , the articulation in the various companies .

It should be considered that often the management consultant collaborates with other business consultants specific ( psychological , lawyers , accountants , computer , financial , etc.) in carrying out various activities.

Often the service involves a temporary management or the consultant carries out work for a limited period of time, an operational responsibilities within the organization as if it were an executive.

Almost always, the management consultant is a graduate (engineering, economics, marketing). There are plenty of consultants also graduates in law or even in philosophy and political science. This is because the management consultant, by its nature, must also have great communication skills and management of human relations, as well as technical training on various subjects. For this, apart from the degree, what matters is the qualification through practical experience, the references of the market, its proven capacity, any certifications and master's degrees.

2007-09-26 17:33:53 by hominin

As Witchgrl said, he was wrong-gender blind

Graduate school admissions, where the grad schools take the top applicants, show that the top ~10 percent of college students in math and science fields is rather equally weighted between women and men.
I posted Duke University statistics here in that post, because they were easy to document on the web.
Some can argue that men and women's aptitude is a bell curve and about where the mean and standard deviation lie for men and women, (which is what Summers was trying to do), but in practice, at the highest levels, men and women appear to perform equally

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