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The European CV (Europass also called by the name of the European project that created it) is a model of cv born from the attempt to create a European standard and to facilitate the labor market. The Europass CV, in fact, is available in all European languages ​​and has a fixed structure - partly editable - which can contain all the information needed to define the job profile of a candidate.

How is it organized the Europass

The European CV usually consists of 6 areas, we try to explore them together to prepare a good resume. Has a first section dedicated to personal data and includes:

No need to be reluctant to provide their contact information, but rather it is necessary to fill in all the form entries to allow the examiner to be able to contact the candidate with simplicity. The key issue is the choice of the email: the email address of employment must be formal and thus, normally, you choose email composed simply by name.

The grid work experience

The second area of the curriculum is devoted to the European format work experience. The basic advice is to Begin with the most recent information separate entries for each relevant post occupied by defining the position held and type of activity.

In this area, recent graduates will also include the experiences of pre-and post-graduate internship, specifying the training project below. Provides guidelines on how to structure this part, but it is important to remember to customize your resume according to the recipient and highlight the experiences that are more in line with the profile sought.

In fact, the ideal would be to compress it into a page or so. Basic, in fact, this model allows you to easily go over two pages. However, usually the time spent on each document by examiners is so short that barely reads more than the first side.

Professional skills

This item: Principal subjects / occupational skills covered by the study to highlight any achievements, awards won or study skills developed. It 'important not to forget to mention any experience abroad, or the period of Erasmus.

This section is highly customizable and it is recommended to take full advantage of this characteristic. You can put just about anything, but we must pay attention to the relationship between the capacity choice and the job for which you send your resume: If there is a link between the two, then it is best to skirt the issue. The categories are:

What to write in the training section

The same recommendation applies to the section on training. The purpose of this document-that is European or not - is to demonstrate that you are in possession of abilities that can meet the challenge of the ad work without difficulty. It is therefore obvious that an examiner's law consistent experiences is more inclined to think in this way with respect to a candidate's resume in his life has always been involved in another.

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Not much

1. it is more rigorous; you hit the ground running and you pretty much cover all the subject matter of a US program. US programs, however, are more generalised. (i.e. at Ox, the MSc is in Economics for Develeopment, etc)
2. you don't do much more with it unless you want to go into can go from being a junior analyst to a senior analyst, but realistically, you are competing for the same jobs. you don't have a PhD and in the economics arena, as you may know, you generally need about 8 years work experience, less if you have a masters to get into jobs that require PhD's.

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