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The Port Buslness School points out, in 2013, his 25th year of life. Are 25 years of changing lives of thousands of executives, atravésdodesenvolvlrnentoereforço skills in business management and professional development. The Porto Business School is recognized as a strategic partner of the largest Portuguese companies. Your link to the University of Porto and international accreditations certify the accuracy and quality of training. The presence and climbs in the Financial Times ranking of top business schools in the world are recognizing the impact that programs of Porto Business School took the lives of their students.

The graduate programs are an excellent example. These advanced training programs of long duration (270 hours, after work hours) have as main objective to train specialists in area of ​​expertise (Financial Analysis, Project Management, Management Control, Finance, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Human Resources ) or provide skills and knowledge for the performance of duties and management a reality setorlal specific (Banking, Health, Tourism and Hospitality, Construction and lmobillário) and / or function within the organization (Internal Audit and Fraud Management Business, Business Communication, Management Information and Marketing Intelligence). Besides these, the Porto Business School also has a program in Business Management for candidates with different backgrounds base, who wish to deepen and systematize knowledge of general management with significant financial area.

The testimonies of some students of these programs confirm the impact, relevance, timeliness, accuracy, practical vision, abrangentee integrated that allow postgraduates.

Pedro Meireles, Director STLS Hospital Santa Maria, ing student of post graduate in Marketing Management lnkrmaçãoe intelligence notes: "this postgraduate allowed me to acquire skills in this area, either on strategic aspects or on a more operaclonal. To I was very interesting not only for the curricular component, but also the exchange of experiences.'s certainly a postgraduate critical in today's business environment "

Parents of Marta Oliveira, Sonae, states that "the graduate in Business Communication challenges us to consider new perspectives and strategies. Highlight the experience of the faculty, the depth of knowledge and the sharing of different routes and visions of the class. "

For Antonio Machado Vaz, of Grupo Salvador Caetano, "a post-graduate in Personnel Management of Porto Business School focuses on a transversal approach to all matters relevant to the field of Human Resources."

Filomena Macedo, the ARS North, says "I integrated four boards of directors of three different hospitals, but knew I had gaps in the area of ​​economics. However, today, I am ready to take up new challenges with confidence that the frequency of post degree in Management and Director of Health Services of Porto Business School gave me. "

José Pedro Costa, Caixa Económica Montepio invested in postgraduate studies in Tourism and Hospitality Management "with two goals in mind - the specific knowledge áreade a business that I understand to be one of the pillars of the economy and identify attractive business opportunities in the value chain hotel and tourism. "

To Marta Gonçalves, Bank LJ Carregosa to graduate in Finance and Taxation is essential. "With a line-based law, PGFF added my range of skills and knowledge in other scientific areas, essential to an integrated, multidisciplinary and dynamic in today's business world."

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It is one of the lowest ranked schools

Schools are ranked something like this.
Top 3 = Harvard Yale Stanford.
Students from these schools a considered the best of the best (of course).
Top 14 (or top 20 depending on who you ask).
Still very elite schools, extremely competitive to get into, high numbers of employers recruit from these schools.
Tier One (anything ranked above 50 by U.S. News and World Report).
Considered very good schools, competitive to very competitive admissions, good employment prospects (unless you're lucky enough to be, say, class of 08)

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You should have just researched the ranking

A partial listing of rankings for University of Washington is not too shabby:
The University of Washington was ranked 16th internationally by the Academic Ranking of World Universities in 2008.[41]
The University of Washington also ranked 22nd internationally by Newsweek "Top 100 Global Universities".[42]
UW's undergraduate program was ranked 42nd among "national universities" and tied for 11th among public doctoral universities by U.S. News and World Report.[43]
The UW School of Medicine (primary care) and nursing school[44] are both ranked No

2005-08-03 23:29:22 by robtpt


I can't speak in regards to stats. However, I got my BS in aerospace engineering at the University of Texas and none of the masters students had difficulties getting jobs after graduation. The problem you might have is that South Florida is not particularly well known... not even top 50. If you could get your masters from Florida, then I wouldn't even worry about which would make finding a job easier. If you do reasonably well at Florida, you will have no problem getting an aerospace engineering job. Unfortunately, in engineering graduate school, availability of resources (i.e. money) is so important that it is very difficult for a small private school or non-flagship state institution to be very good unless it is 100% dedicated to engineering (e

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