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Monday, March 4, 2013

Courses University of Porto in the "top 100" world in the areas of Economics and Management

Evaluation criteria included the reputation of the courses the career prospects and salary levels of graduates in their first job.


Fourteen courses from the University of Porto, divided by the Faculty of Economics (EFF) and the Porto Business School are among the top 100 training programs taught worldwide in the areas of Economics and Management, according to the first edition of Top of BEST MASTERS- sponsored by Eduniversal, one of the most prestigious international consulting agencies in the field of Higher Education.

Results of the survey of more than 4000 masters and MBA programs taught around the world, this ranking orders the best formations in 30 categories related to economics and management. The evaluation criteria include the reputation of the courses (assessed by international experts), the career prospects and salary levels of graduates in their first job, or the satisfaction of students.

The Master in Finance & Taxation (MFF) of the EFF reached the 50th place in the category of "Taxation" (Finance), being the only Portuguese representative in a ranking that brings together 50 courses in 18 countries. At the gates of the "top 50 world" was also the Master in Economics and Environmental Management at FEP, 53. º ranked among the best courses in the area "Sustainable Development and Environmental Mngt"

Regarding the Porto Business School, the highlight is the presence of Graduate Information Management and Marketing Intelligence at the 33rd place (the best provision of all courses University of Porto) category "Business Intelligence, Knowledge and Security Management " . Note also for the 41st reached by Graduate Management Sales in category "Retail Sales Management" , a list that also includes the Master in Business Management at FEP among the top 50 in the world (47. º)

Also to highlight the presence of the University of Porto Business School in the top 100 worldwide in over four categories. The Postgraduate Diploma in Tourism Management and Hospitality comes in 54th place on "Tourism and Hospitality Management" , while the Graduate Real Estate Management is 79. ª in "Real Estate Management" , whereas the post-graduate in Management and Director of Health Services and Financial Analysis are 90. ª and 92. ª in the categories "Health Management" and "Financial Markets" , respectively.

Results now released, there is a highlight, finally, the presence of five formations University of Porto in the "top 50 regional" (Western Europe) in many other categories. They are a Graduate of Porto Business School in Business Communication (45. ª in "Communications" ) and the Masters of the EFF in Modelling, Data Analysis and Decision Support Systems (39. º in "Management Information Systems" ) , Economics and Management of Innovation (40. º in "Engineering and Project Management" ), Accounting and Management Control (48. º in "Accounting and Auditing" ) and in International Economics and Management (49. º in "International Management" .)

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2006-05-24 06:42:29 by zoli

Maybe this will help

First of all, there is a free medical insurance offered by the state of NY. You should contact either HealthFirst or got to
for additional info on all available (FREE) programs. They are actually not bad, not top notch, high life class, but not bad at all.
Second, most graduate schools that have programs in psychology will have “sliding scale fee” programs. Contact CUNY for example, they have a number of them, but so would other universities.
Third, try Albert Ellis institute, when Ellis himself was still seeing patients, he would do it for really a small fee (and he is good), not I don’t know, but it is worth a shot

2003-05-16 15:17:48 by pdxcitygirl

Okay Dr.!

Ooohh - a Ph.D.?
Yeah, me too, and by the way, from a research one university with one of the top programs in psychology. Did you graduate from a clinical program?
And, what, are you trying to say you're in the Gilligan camp? (That typology, by the way, is just as culturally biased, just in a more pc way).
And, I understood your argument, I just didn't agree. But that's okay. You can call me stupid if you like, even if you think ad hominem arguments are invalid. I mean, clearly, if I learned something in a lowly undergrad class I couldn't be right now, could I

2006-07-07 08:44:02 by MAsoontobegrad

Ok, hopefully last time.....

Reposted w/changes. still have objective section and employment history, but i have removed personal and references sections.
University of Massachusetts xx xx, MA
Bachelor of Arts Psychology, Sociology Minor, May 2006
Magna Cum Laude, G.P.A.: 3.77
Member of Psi Chi Psychology Honor Society, Fall 2004 – continuous
· Completed Honor’s Research Project in Social Psychology, May 2006 – An independent research endeavor beginning with a thorough research proposal evolving into a specific focus for my own research

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