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The Graduate Program in Social Psychology aims to the training of teachers and researchers and the production of knowledge about the processes of contemporary subjectivity.

Social psychology in institutional perspective marks the specificity of knowledge area and the contribution of the program to the field of psychology. The term Social and Institutional Psychology seeks to emphasize the interplay between science and social context expressed in different institutional practices and discourses.

The Master in Social Psychology and Institutional started its activities in March 1998, having already formed 264 teachers.

Was approved by CAPES on July 30, 2009, implementation of the Doctoral degree in Social Psychology and Institutional.

Creating a Ph.D. in Social Psychology is the way to achieve the full training of researchers, giving greater strength to the research groups and enabling the growth of international agreements that require a Doctoral Program.

Search thus meet a growing demand from the graduates of the Master in Social Psychology and other PPGs interested in this field of study, since the Southern Region of the country does not have a PhD in this specific area of ​​concentration.

The Proposal of the PhD in Social Psychology follows the guidance that this area of ​​knowledge has taken in Brazil, since the 1980s, based on paradigmatic changes influenced by studies of post-structuralism, social constructionism, the philosophy of difference, psychodynamics work of cognition and native, and psychoanalysis. The horizon is defined by investigative analysis modes and processes of subjectivity in its relation to public policy and ethical issues and policies that involve interventions in the field of social psychology.

2007-05-28 10:06:24 by ThereAreNoQuickFixes

Ummmm, NO!

Dude, there are no colleges/universities with graduated math programs in the Boston area (or any area in the United States) that will let you into a program without having a strong undergraduate foundation in mathematics.
I went to Umass Boston for my undergraduate degrees (Computer Science, Psychology, Pre-medical studies). I looked into their graduate program in Mathematics (Master's). Basically, if you don't have a BA/BS degree in Mathematics, you will not get accepted. Even having a BS degree in Computer Science is not enough (which required a lot of math courses, almost equivalent the amount that one had to take to get a BA degree in Mathematics, except for about four courses less)

2009-12-23 16:15:35 by softlysinging

Either is fine

The difference between an BA and a BS is mostly a matter of school policy and won't matter for most graduate programs or medical schools. The exception for this is a few schools where you can choose a BA or a BS. For example at the University of Chicago you can get a BA in chemistry or take a couple more classes and get the BS in chemistry. In this case the BS really does mean more, but it doesn't sound like that is the case at your school.
As a child psychology student- I am getting a BS and I really believe that this is not disadvantageous in any way. In fact, it reflects the research required in my program

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