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In recent decades, has emerged in the social and medical sciences, a huge concern over behavioral adjustment problems, social and emotional even children can present from birth. Current Epidemiological evidence shows an alarming increase in problems and disorders that affect children in various parts of the world, and especially those living in high psychosocial risk.

This increase has inevitably increased demand for specialized services, involving the modification of traditional training role and Children's Mental Health expert. This new orientation of practice, rests on the following pillars:

  • Integrative, after considering the various operating levels in child development (biological individual interactional / family, social and cultural) and the management of various theories, approaches and current research on normal and deviant trajectories of child development.
  • Multidimensional in scope, operating not only in the context of private practice, but also in connection with the various habitats of the child, such as school and home.
  • Based on the evidence, as to the application of a series of empirically proven strategies and techniques adapted to the patient's problem, not vice versa.
  • Preventive observation and treatment from pregnancy and the early years of the life cycle (early intervention).

Training Programs Intervention Strategies in Children's Mental Health, intended to be an input and a response to the national and global need of updating and professional training according to the integrationist vision-dimensional evidence-based and preventive. These four principles are cross-cutting theoretical and methodological training of various academic levels (Masters, Post Graduate and Diploma).

  • Be the first program in Chile and South America that offers a specialization in Infant Mental Health (pregnancy to 3 years) from an integrative view, empirical, multidimensional and preventive, in accordance with the global trend in the subject.
  • Be the first Children's Mental Health program in Chile that teachers and supervisors integrates foreign and domestic with a proven track record and expertise in their areas of expertise.
  • Be the first program in Chile connected to a research unit specializing in child mental health and development (Attachment Unit and Mental Health) and a specialty care clinic in infants of 0-3 years (Early Intervention Unit, ITU). Both units are highly positioned in Chile in the areas of research and intervention.
  • Diversify employment opportunities in various fields and levels of action: care (child care units in hospitals, clinics and private care), counseling and training in preventive programs and / or intervention in schools, child care centers specializing in governmental institutions working with children in the areas of adoption, child protection, abuse, neglect and abuse. Finally, develop an academic career in teaching aspects of child development and current generation of lines in university research.

2010-01-17 17:36:15 by tired-parent

In some states it does.

My state Medicaid plan provides for counseling at certain mental health clinics.
Another resource you might want to try is your local university or medical school. The graduate psychology programs and psychiatry programs frequently have sliding scale clinics that provide relatively high-quality therapy.

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