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Title of the course Psychology
Completion Master of Science
Baseline Winter semester
Standard period of study 4 semesters
Application Deadline WS 2013/14: 1 - 15 July 2013
Admission Yes

Approval Mode 1 Semester

In the case of a large number of applicants, an access method Duch is performed in which the Bachelor's final grade and the results are considered in the field of clinical psychology as well as in an experimental-empirical internship.

Admission Mode higher semester

For enrollments in higher semester admission is a local (local NC).

Brief description of the program

The Master of Science (M.Sc.) "Psychology" is a research-based postgraduate course, which requires the qualification of Bachelor of Science.

In compulsory modules acquired in the Bachelor's program knowledge and skills in the diagnostic and statistical methods to be extended, deepened and practiced. The elective program of the Master program contains modules from the general psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, Differential and Personality Psychology, development and educational psychology, clinical psychology, social psychology, evaluation and quality assurance, the Affective and Cognitive Neuropsychology and Forensic Psychology. The broad diversity of the offer allows students through selection and focus to form an academic profile that matches the personal interests, abilities and career plans. Through an intensive care during a two-semester project work, the basics of scientific work to be deepened and expanded. The choice of future career goal is facilitated by an external internship.

Entry requirements and course-specific requirements

For master's degree following candidates "psychology" can be admitted:
Graduates of the University of Bonn, which the B.Sc. "Psychology" have been completed with a total score of at least 2.5.

Graduates of other domestic and foreign universities which have a first professional university degree in "Psychology" at least with the total score 2.5 or completed the country-specific equivalent.

Who graduates from other domestic and foreign universities who have obtained a first professional university degree in these courses that include modules of the subject "Psychology" in the amount of at least 120 credits and achieved an overall score of at least 2.5 or the country specific equivalent .

Candidates who will complete one of the above courses until the semester of application, provided that they have already achieved at least 132 credits with a grade point average of at least 2.2. Such candidates may be admitted, if you to 30 September furnish proof of their bachelor's degree.

Applicants for the Master's program "Psychology" must prove that they have studied modules in the Bachelor or the first professional degree program in the following areas:

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Empirical-experimental laboratory

In addition to understanding the specialist literature recommend good to very good knowledge of English.

2008-09-18 10:37:12 by psychologyISfine


Well I agree if you want to go into psychology you will need to go to graduate school, at least for a masters degree. And its not a weak major but it must include for the degree a fairly diverse support of courses. At Bryn Mawr I majored in psychology and didn't minor taking many courses in different areas. Then entered a clinical masters degree program before recently earning my license to practice in my state. So you have to think about how much education you want to get first, with just a bachelors your options are very limited.
It does help in sales and public relations h

2006-05-14 20:19:38 by TR26

Sure you can be a psychologist.

You are one already! Look up "implicit personality theory" sometime.
Now, if you want to be a professional clinical psychologist, and make a career of it, that's different.
No, you won't do that with a BS. You'll need to go to grad. school and earn the master's degree in clinical psychology and then I think you must pass state boards to prove you have mastered the intricacies of DSM-whatever-the-number-will-be.
I'm fairly certain that you can get into a clinical psych. graduate program regardless of the focus of your undergrad department. A high GPA and good GRE scores and good references are much more important.

2011-07-08 11:33:43 by DrkHorse

Mind then body

Chris, I have a background in fitness and clinical/counseling psychology and would highly suggest that you first focus on your mentality, reasoning, and self perspective before you start worrying about your physical attributes. Being in shape does not guarantee you success or that success will be any easier.
I would suggest (since you appear to be strapped for cash), that you call local colleges and ask if they provide counseling services to community members via their graduate degree students. It may not be free but it will probably be discounted.
If this isn't possible please do join a help group that facilitates a 12 or so step program to better your thinking.

2005-03-06 10:32:04 by lovepugs

I found this info online that helped....

School psychology training brings together the knowledge-base of several disciplines--child psycholology and development; education with emphasis on special education; and clinical child psychology. A teaching background can be helpful but seldom required, whereas in most states you need a teaching degree for school counseling. In most states and most training programs, school counseling does not include training or work with special education populations.
Finally, in most states you will be required to have three years of graduate school training and internship to become a credentialed school psychologist--a master's degree alone is not sufficient, whereas most counseling programs are master's degree (one-year) programs

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