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It is the study of psychic phenomena and human behavior through the analysis of their emotions,their ideas and values.The psychologist diagnoses,prevents and treats mental illness,emotional disturbances and personality.He observes and analyzes the attitudes,feelings and mental mechanisms of the patient and tries to help you identify the causes of problems and reviewing inappropriate behavior.This professional works in offices,hospitals and in various health institutions,contributing the psychological point of view,for the recovery of health.In schools and institutions,collaborating in educational guidance.You must register with the Regional Council of Psychology to practice.The licensee acts in general,the development of teaching methods with teachers of primary and secondary,vocational and technical courses.You can also work on developing strategies for psychosocial NGOs,socio-educational centers and community shelters.

Keep an eye

Licensure as a complement

A resolution of the MEC,2011 determined that a degree in psychology should be offered only as a supplement to the BA.Ie,those who want to obtain this degree should do at least 800 more hours of undergraduate,bachelor's degree after attending mandatory. However,two schools still offer a degree independently: UCL-RJ and UFG.

Labour Market

The resolution of the National Health Agency (ANS) which increases from 24 to 40 the number of sessions with psychologists who should have health insurance coverage improves market in the clinical area,especially in large urban centers. "Legal psychology also grows,as well as hiring the professional in the human resources department of the company,"says Adriana Bernardes Pereira,coordinator of the BA in Psychology from PUC-Goiás."The public sector also absorbs a part of the professionals who work in the departments of Education,Health and Sport"Even in the public sector,the psychologist may participate in multidisciplinary teams of Reference Centres for Social Assistance (CRAS) and Specialized Reference Centers for Social Welfare (CREAS),both members of the Unified Social Assistance System (ITS),the Ministry of Development Social and Hunger.In the educational sector,the psychologist is demanded by different institutions,such as schools,daycare centers and NGOs The southeastern and southern regions with the highest number of job opportunities.

R$ 1.815, 00 (fonte: Sindicato dos Psicólogos no Estado de São Paulo ); R$ 122, 00 (por consulta); fonte: Conselho Regional de Psicologia de São Paulo. Starting Salary: R $ 1, 815.00 (source: Union of Psychologists in the State of São Paulo), R $ 122.00 (per query),source: Regional Council of Psychology of São Paulo.

Vocational Guidance


The course covers the various strands of psychology and introduces the students to various fields such as clinical psychology,social,educational and organizational.There are compulsory subjects such as neuroscience,anthropology,psychoanalytic theory and developmental psychology,and electives such as psychology and exceptional learning problems.The new guidelines also come to appreciate more research disciplines and stage (required) in various areas. Some institutions allow students to undertake visits to the community in several areas,such as clinical and professional guidance.

Jossey-Bass Why Don't Students Like School: A Cognitive Scientist Answers Questions About How the Mind Works and What It Means for the Classroom
Book (Jossey-Bass)
2006-03-06 08:54:37 by palmam_qui_meruit

Why Gladwell dropped baseball

One passage from above:
Gladwell: It came after the Blue Jays (my team) won the second of their World Series titles. Economic reality hit, and they basically stopped trying to compete at the top level, and I wondered to myself: Why do I care so much about a sport where some teams have $200 million to spend and some teams have $20 million to spend? I know, I know -- as Rob Neyer and others point out -- that there is no necessary correlation between payroll and success. It is possible, as "Moneyball" reminds us, to win with less by being smarter. But the point is not that if you have more money than someone else you automatically win more games

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I read this in The New Republic a few weeks back. I've found myself thinking about it frequently, so naturally I decided to impose my preoccupation on the board.
The article talks about a branch of psychiatry that tries to focus on what causes happiness, rather than what causes dysfunction. I felt that the article not only discussed some practical trends in psych, but also provided readers with some good ways to achieve greater happiness. It's moderately lengthy (I'd guess 4,000 words).
Psychology discovers happiness

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The University of North Carolina Press Bring Your "A" Game: A Young Athlete's Guide to Mental Toughness
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Magination Pr My Anxious Mind: A Teen's Guide to Managing Anxiety and Panic
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