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Education / Psychology (PP) is regarded as a specialist with a teaching methodology and an internship. The teacher training program in Education / Psychology (PP) includes a specialized scientific education and a scientific-didactic part. Scientific studies specialist
The general education is completed within the framework of a regular and full master's degree program at the University of Bern. For a regular course of study enrollment at the University is required. The general admission and study conditions of the University of Bern.

It is possible to first complete the course of study with a master, and then to begin the educational scientific and educational studies at the PHBern (consecutive) or this can for a professional Bachelor's degree (or pass a Fachhochschule) are completed simultaneously (concomitant to the Master's degree program).
specialized academic requirements for admission

Specialised prerequisite for Diplomierung for the subject PP is either

- The master major in education and a master's minor of 90 ECTS credits in psychology at a university


- The master major in psychology and Master minor of 90 ECTS in pedagogy. Since the study of psychology in the master's degree in a single subject, pedagogy must trade in addition to the 60 credits, which is acquired in the Bachelor's degree, another 30 ECTS are acquired in the master's program.

Educational Scientific and didactic studies The scientific and didactic education studies are completed PHBern II of the Institute High School. You can not commence until after the completed Bachelor of multiple scientific studies.

A regular enrollment is also necessary for the EDS. Apply the relevant approval conditions.

More information about studying at the PHBern please visit the website of PHBern in the category of study:
Study design and study areas

The subject PP is studied as a single subject in general, but can also be combined with another subject. But this means more effort in the course of study. So as to acquire the qualification to teach in PP (first subject) and history (second subject), should at the University of Berne master major in education and each 60 ECTS are acquired and also in history in psychology (or vice versa).


Secondary institution ll
Muesmattstrasse 27a
3012 Bern

Institute of Education, University of Bern
Muesmattstrasse 27
CH-3012 Bern
Tel +41 (0) 31 631 82 75

Department of Psychology, University of Bern
Muesmattstr. 45
CH-3000 Bern 9
Tel +41 (0) 31 631 40 11

2009-12-11 12:10:51 by tlbrink

Depends on the context

Each event has a different theme or context. For example, sometimes I will be staffing a booth at a college fair and merely respond to individual questions about a variety of colleges, careers, majors, courses or instructors. Since I do not work at a for profit institution (indeed, we have more students than we can service) I am free to advise what is best for that student.
On other occasions I am invited to speak to a high school senior class about careers in psychology. Since I have worked in both clinical and industrial fields, as well as done research, I am not wedded to pushing one field

2008-02-08 12:56:20 by IMustSuck

From what I've seen...

Healthcare is just about the best field to be in right now. However, you are hardly going to make enough to put food on the table with just a BS in something like psychology. If you're not considering grad school, switch majors.
Seattle and Portland are very cool cities. Good luck there. Don't kid yourself into thinking you'll just manage a Starbucks with that college degree unless you have 3-5 years (no more) of experience as a barista and perfect credit for that background check. No, I'm not kidding.

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