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Inclusion in teacher training

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Brandenburg is serious: The small state soon forms no more special education - but accumulates all teacher education programs with special educational content to.

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A special education teacher alone does not make inclusive education. It also requires teachers who know what makes a child and what kind of support it needs. The University of Potsdam draws conclusions from it: It starts in the winter semester 2013/14, two new courses for the primary school: one has a focus on "basic education, " the other "educational inclusion".
While the students of the first course in all subjects - from German to social studies to art - are trained, the study focuses on the inclusion of educators on the compulsory subjects German and math But the three focal points are added, which are most in demand in the schools: learning, language, social-emotional development.

Lessons for the future with multi-professional teams

geleistet wird – in Brandenburgs sechsjährigen Grundschulen würde dann ein Klassenlehrer (mit dem Profil Grundschulbildung) gemeinsam mit einem Inklusionspädagogen unterrichten. The idea behind this model is that the lessons of the future is made ​​of multi-professional teams - in Brandenburg six years of primary school teachers would teach a class (with the profile of primary education) together with an inclusion teacher. These two draw specialists added in individual cases - such as a speech therapist for a stuttering child or a psychologist for an autistic child.

That the University of Potsdam and Brandenburg this - really obvious - way to go, is not self-evident. Often, namely the confession ends for inclusion with a bit of fine tuning on the curricula: Thus according to a survey by the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) Although made ​​a dozen universities inclusion now made ​​mandatory to focus on the study, which is reported on the certificate. But at second glance, just almost only in the degree programs of special education - often in upper secondary education or vocational schools.

Inclusion does not address the teaching profession throughout

And expertise of the teachers' union shows that inclusion is not addressed throughout the teaching profession. Thus, the requirement that an examination of both inclusion in the study and in the clerkship must be given only applies in Rhineland-Palatinate and Berlin. And only four states to take all types of teaching in the duty - keeping the other inclusion is still a matter of special educators.

The teachers at the mainstream schools increasingly required by children with physical or mental disabilities out, probably thinking about different ...

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2007-07-18 13:58:18 by jjason123

Recommendations for Grad Schools in Psychology

Hi. I'm looking for recommendations/thoughts/opinions on graduate schools in the bay area. The programs I am interested in are the Masters in Social Work or Mental Health (i.e. community MH), and possibly the PsyD.
Thank you so very much. There are so many. When I do an internet search, those "online" schools come up.
Anyone have any comments on Notre Dame or Dominican Univ of California? I know that the UC schools are the best bets, but am not certain if my GRE will meet their standards. I haven't taken the GRE or GRE-Psych yet.

2004-10-09 10:12:27 by tlbrink

APA site

For jobs in clinical psychology, the best site is the American Psychological Association.
However, one point must be clarified here. To be a clinical PSYCHOLOGIST you need to have a doctorate (e.g., from Bay Area schools such as Alliant or Pacific). If you are thinking of getting only a masters in clinical psychology, you cannot become a clinical psychologist, but in California you can become a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (which earns less than doctoral level psychologists). The specialized programs leading to that license can be found at several local universities (e

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