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at University of Hasselt in Belgium. find all the information about the school and programs here! Contact the admissions office in 1 click here.

Master of Statistics

The Master of Statistics is an international two-year master's program. Individual (reduced) programs are possible. Students are free to combine courses from different specializations to create your profile. Requests must be formally submitted to the examining committee, with a clear motivation.

The need for well-trained applied statistical, biostatistical and bioinformatics is still rising, exalted by the scientific revolution in the field of molecular biology and genetics, and its impact on health and the environment. The Master of Statistics at Hasselt University, with a specialization in Biostatistics, ICP Biostatistics, Bioinformatics and Epidemiology and methodology of public health, to keep pace with the evolution of genere.Il Master combines a study of solid principles of biostatistics and applied with up-to to-date training in topics such as clinical trials, public health, longitudinal data, survival analysis, genetics, survey methodology, etc. The specialization in Bioinformatics allows you to maintain a more even pace with the most specific needs professionalism and skills required by the development of new experimental techniques in the field of molecular biology and genetics.

Students can choose from four specializations:

  • Bioinformatics
  • Biostatistics
  • ICP Biostatistics
  • Epidemiology and Public Health methodology

Career Prospects

Over the years, graduates have found positions:

  • biomedical research institutes
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • Government
  • health care
  • academia (Ph D)
  • ...

Specific requirements for admission

In addition to the standard admission requirements, you must:

  • holding a degree in: mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry, biology, life sciences, (bio, business, civil)-engineering, medicine, sociology, psychology, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, etc., with a basic background but sufficiently strong in mathematics and statistics. The Selection Committee will consider each application and admission can be given directly, or indirectly, affected after the completion of a preparation program.
  • hold an academic degree awarded by a Belgian university, mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry, biology, life sciences, biotechnology, business, civil engineering, to be admitted directly.

Should you wish more information or have any questions, please fill out this form . It will take approximately 45 seconds to finish

2004-10-24 12:40:28 by both_schools_have_one

Probability of legitimate feedback here is 1/4

Of the best statistics programs in the nation. berkeley isn't known for undergrad but its leading phd programs all around.
berkeley has a biostatistics emphasis, stanford is more applied.
independent study in general isn't a good idea at the masters or phd level. your advisor, community and teaching/presenting are critical.
you shouldn't let geography limit you. if finances are an issue, berkeley is more generous. stanford's msc offers no aid.

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