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Another class of the Master's Programme in Local Development (PPGDL UNISUAM) begins this semester and to receive new students will be held on August 30 at Aula Magna.

Combining one of the goals of PPGDL-UNISUAM, which is to promote local development in various aspects, including education, the conference will have the theme "Education and Development", which will be rendered by the Honorable Secretary of State for Education, Dr. Wilson Risolia Rodrigues, an economist with Graduate in Engineering Economics and Teaching and a Masters in Economic Development by the Istituto di Studi Per Lo Sviluppo Economico.

After the conference the Aula Magna, there will be a time set aside for discussion, followed by a presentation of projects for Basic Education and developed in-PPGDL UNISUAM. Check out the full schedule and the work that will be presented.


9:30 a.m.: Café welcome

10am: Words from the Rector Professor Arapuan Netto

10:15: Aula Magna

EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT Conference, which will be rendered by the Honorable Secretary of State for Education, Dr. Wilson Risolia Rodrigues.

11h15: Discussions

11h30: Presentation of projects for Basic Education, developed in-PPGDL UNISUAM:

1) Implications for the Environment in the Process of Teaching and Learning: Study on Public Schools Complexo do Alemão - AMBENAP-PPGDL / CALL OBEDUC / CAPES 2012;

2) Environmental Education and Awareness Tool Aquariofilia as of Elementary School Students / FAPERJ Notice No. 14/2012;

3) Discursive Practices, Literacy and Textual Genres: A Proposal for Teaching Reading and Writing in Middle School Public Education of the State of Rio de Janeiro / FAPERJ NOTICE No. 14/2011.

4) Literacy Orientation (s) and Construction of Reading Pathways for Youth and Adults in Elementary and High School: The Protagonists of the Subject-Reader in the Constitution of the Senses / CALL OBEDUC / CAPES 2010.

12h15: Closing

Minicurrículo of lecturer

Wilson Risolia Rodrigues, 53, Rio, an economist with Graduate in Engineering Economic and Teaching in Higher Education, MBA in Finance, Master in Economic Development by the Istituto di Studi Per Lo Sviluppo Economic in Napoli, Italy. He worked at Banco Mercantil, FUNCEF Group Rossi and Caixa Economica Federal, where he held several positions. Before assuming the State Department of Education, Wilson was CEO of RioPrevidência.

Tags: Local Development , Master UNISUAM , Social Responsibility

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2008-02-27 22:47:26 by notSureWhatToDoCS

Is a masters in IT not a real degree

Looking at various CS masters programs, I see a lot of IT degrees out there, specifically in software engineering/networking, etc. from places like University of Maryland, University College. It seems like this is the kind of thing being offered for people who are working full time.
Are these worthwhile, do you think they will actually put me ahead in my current software development group? Do you think future employers would see such a degree as a valuable thing to have?
The program I've been looking at:

2006-07-14 21:54:04 by Amadine

I work in an office that has two programs, and

Both have social workers on staff. While nobody's getting rich, these folks are really into their jobs, really into their clients, and go the distance for their directors.
They do alot of program development, alot of fundraising (some of it very social).
I'd guess what issues/programs you want to work towards would impact how deep a committment you make. Where you end up working; what you Masters focuses on; if you luck ou and find a great program to work for, etc etc

2005-04-18 20:41:59 by psychdork

It all depends on what you want...

Are you interested in doing reasearh, going into academia, being a clinician, or a combination.
Are you interested in psychometics, development, social & personality, school psych or clinical.
Do you want to just go for a masters... than you could do counseling or something. Otherwise, doctorate it is... few choices for this too, the main ones are a PhD and a PsyD.
If you are interested in doing clinical work only, a PsyD is the way to go, look at Yeshiva to get a better idea of the program.
St. John's and Hofstra both have a very good school/clinical psych program

2003-05-19 13:36:40 by dutchesscourtney


My finace is a landscape architect. He has a 5 year professional degree from a East Coast school...but seriously, there are a few programs that could get you at least an entry level job. Learn AUTOCAD (a design program) or go to CalPoly or UC-San Luis Obispo...both have courses in landscape architechture. USC offers a Masters in Urban Planning/Development (kind of the same thing.)
It's worth it. The fiance is at a great firm with smart co-workers and all the benefits.
Learn your plants...and irrigation.

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