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The Science of Religion study the religious phenomenon in its multiple contexts historical, social and cultural. Based on the contribution of the various theoretical tools, coming from the humanities, demand, in an interdisciplinary way, analyzing the different manifestations, in its multiple contextualidades, that religions play in its relation to culture and society.

The creation of the Post-graduate in Science of Religion UNICAP emerges as a unique space, giving support to this field of research in the North and Northeast.

The Master of Science in Religion intends to meet professionals Theology, Sociology, Anthropology, History, as well as other areas that maintain some relationship with the Religious Sciences, provided they submit research projects related to the lines being offered, increasing the development Research in this area.

The Master aims to:

1. Provide conditions for the development of research into the characteristics of the program in order to meet the demand for qualified professionals in the region;

2. Preparing professionals Religion Sciences and related fields for the production of scientific knowledge in their areas of professional activity;

3. Preparing teachers, researchers and professionals interested in the religious phenomenon in contemporary society.

Area of ​​concentration

* Religion, Culture and Society

Lines of research:

1. Brazilian religious field, culture and society:

The religious field, in its multiple interfaces with the culture and society, presents itself as a rich and complex manifestation of the religious phenomenon in Brazil. The line of research is based on the epistemological assumption that the collective practice of religion or its denial constitutes a social phenomenon in which systematic and critical study, with the input of several multidisciplinary sciences, especially in relation to current researchers involved in line, history, anthropology, psychology and theology, is essential for understanding the religious field in Brazil. Studies seeking to produce socially significant, given the breadth of the religious field in Brazil, the line set for the coming years, from the research currently developed three blocks in which it is currently concentrated: Religion and Social Policy and Practice, Identity and Religion and identity and religious syncretism. The projects of faculty and students engaged in this line of research are articulated in one of three blocks.

2. Judeo-Christian Culture and Society

This line of research aims to establish through methodological principles hermeneutical, dialogical relationship between anthropological and social challenges of the present and the symbolic content of the Judeo-Christian tradition, as recorded in the sacred texts of the Old and New Testaments, in the writings of the Fathers the Church and the history of Christianity.

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2010-07-28 00:07:09 by tarapapp

Expect to learn undergrad stuff C++ in grad scho

Ol? Can you do that? I think not, but I guess it depends on the school you apply to.
I think you would benefit more from a second bachelors degree than from a masters course. What is your thesis going to be in MSc? You must prove or disprove something brand new. Proving that you can learn C++ does not a thesis make.
In some universities the students are not taught such pedestrian things as programming languages. At UofT the undergrad comp sci program uses no computer for the entire four years of the programme, the students are bugged down with completely useless theoretical problems

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