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Engineering students may perform in Dartmouth College Master

The UM signed an agreement with Dartmouth College, university which integrates Ivy League along with Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Brown, Princeton and Pennsylvania. Engineering Students can pursue the Master of Engineering Management (MEM).

The agreement allows the Fium students begin graduate studies at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College and then the 9th semester of study at UM. Candidates can apply for the Master of Engineering Management (MEM) offered by this prestigious university at the end of the 8th semester of his career at UM.

If you are admitted will be moved to the campus of Hanover, New Hampshire, in August her 5th year at UM, to begin the MEM. In the middle of next year, after approval of the Final Project, the UM will be awarded the title of Engineer. In December of that same year received the title of Master.

The Master of Engineering Management (MEM) is a professional Master program aims participants to understand and properly manage both the engineering aspects and the business of technology. The faculty is composed of professors from the Thayer School of Engineering and the Tuck School of Business.

This agreement opens a unique opportunity because it allows further qualifications combine with very specific applications in management engineering. UM Students who want to apply need to have good grades and a good ability to work and personal organization. That answers that competitiveness in the labor market is getting stronger and candidates must get better prepared. This attractive offer is in addition to academic and professional opportunities we seek for our students.

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2002-04-08 11:36:57 by oceans

Lecture: How Many People Can the Earth Support?

I just got this notice today and thought it might interest some here, especially those participating in the thread below...
'Nature and Society: Putting Knowledge to Work' Lecture Series.
How Many People Can the Earth Support?
Who: Professor Joel E Cohen, Laboratory of Populations, Rockefeller University, Columbia University
Where: Gardner Room, Robinson Complex, Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, UCSD
When: April 10th, 4-5:30pm reception to follow.

2003-06-27 10:15:42 by Moustafa_McGowan

I didn't mean for you to drop your job

But even to help reorganize his files after hours or on weekends. professors don't always work regular hours.
anyway, there's nothing wrong with contacting the head of graduate studies or math departments at some of these schools, explaining your situation, and seeing what they suggest.
a friend did that for a graduate science program at columbia

2003-05-06 18:12:43 by country-to-experience

I have a desperate need to move across the

NY-- while Im still young, stupid and single. I thought being in school would be the safest bet as I would have some sort of secure path to follow. I got into a Liberal Studies graduate program at Columbia, but what the heck do I need a masters degree in liberal studies for? (really, it's my only choice for a graduate degree at this point, as Im not otherwise prepared in a field of specification, and have no interest what-so-ever in getting an MBA, law or medical degree) What's holding me back is the tuition (about 30+thousand not including books, or rent) Would the loans be worth it? Is a masters in liberal studies frivolous, meaningless? At this point, my debts are clear so there's nothing holding me back there

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