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IACS Conference

Type: Event
Owner: NTU College Network
Start time: August 27, 2013 Tuesday, i18n: noon12: 00
End time: August 27, 2013 Tuesday, 01:00 pm
Time zones: (UTC-00: 00) Casablanca
Location: Eslite store 3F Arts attic NTU

◎ National Taiwan University Press x Eslite scene │ │ Tuesday wandering humanities lecture series with two cross-border

Went to Shanghai to Chongqing:

Forgotten filmmakers ─ ─ any non-light

Speaker / Misawa really Graces (Nihon University Faculty of Arts and Culture Chinese Language Chinese discipline Professor)

Hosting / Mei Jialing (National Taiwan University Taiwan Research Institute and the Department of Chinese Literature Adjunct Professor)

Time / 8.27 (two) 8:00 pm-9: 00pm

Location / Eslite store 3F Arts attic NTU

Modalities of participation / free activities, free admission

Introduction】 【Activity

Any non-light, was born in the Japanese colonial Taiwan under, went to Japan to study; 1931 embrace of Japanese colonialism strong resistance aware Shanghai in Shanghai as an actor into the film industry and to show villain fame; 1937, any non-light to Anti-Japanese War The rear, directing more than the anti-Japanese theme movies. However, any non-light Taiwanese identity makes him the colonial Taiwan, the colonial mother country Tokyo, international city Shanghai, Chongqing war base, who are considered to look at him, not to be accepted as "national", and also his personal life course In a turbulent era of wandering under the cross-border, made the most clear instructions and testimony.

[Speaker Profile]

Misawa really Graces

Born in 1964 in Osaka, Japan. 1987 Keio University, Department of Literature after graduation worked in the publishing industry, after studying in Taiwan. 1999 National Taiwan University Graduate Institute of History graduate. 2004 University of Tokyo sum of Cultural Studies specializing in regional culture completed doctoral course credits. Former Theatre Museum, Waseda University 21st Century COE career Visiting Research Assistant, Faculty of Arts University of Japan is now Chinese language Chinese culture course professor. 2006 at Tokyo University, Dr. (Academic) degree.

Anthropological studies in Theravada Buddhism (Cultural report series / Yale University. Graduate School. Southeast Asia Studies)
Book (Yale University Southeast Asia Studies)
2009-04-27 17:24:53 by denisecchiang

24 year old college graduate interested in Ph.D!

Hi! I am interested in applying to graduate school for Ph.D
programs in Cultural Anthropology. I had a 3.16 GPA from USC
with a major in American Studies, minor Visual Culture.
I am studying for the GRE. I need recommendations.
Anyone have any advice!?

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