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The school joins the doctoral programs in Mathematics and Computational Mathematics, traditionally present at the University of Padua. The school offers doctoral degrees in three areas: Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, and Computer Science. The Degree in Computational Mathematics is held jointly with the Departments of Mathematics of the Universities of Bologna, Trieste and Udine. The three areas comprise a wide range of Disciplines in Which the department has a well-established international reputation, both in Pure and Applied Mathematics, and in Computer Science.


The course of PhD in Computer Science, activated for the first time in the academic year 1994-95, is part of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering. It consists of three years of operation and allows you to achieve the title of "Doctor of Philosophy", analogous to the Anglo-Saxon title of "Doctor of Philosopy (PhD)." The doctoral program is a consortium between the University of Bologna and University of Padova.


The ALGANT-DOC doctoral program, set up by the consortium ALGANT, is a collaborative scheme creating ideal conditions for the production of high level research in pure mathematics, leading to a double and / or joint doctor degree, prepared under joint supervision at a minimum of two partner institutions. With ALGANT-DOC, the doctoral candidates will acquire the skills and expertise needed to Pursue a career at the highest academic level.


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2012-06-29 08:19:08 by - paying for school is called funding

Since it's a grad degree, you can do like many people have done before you. Find a job, work, go to school part-time. The reason this helps is that it off-loads the cost of tuition from several classes to just 1 or 2...which, based on my rudimentary math skills, helps the expense of each semester's tuition be more affordable for the "average person".
Now I know you're out of a job, sorry to hear that. But when a person or family doesn't have a stable income, they will have to forego certain extra things in life until finances get better. This includes gourmet coffee, certain forms of entertainment, and graduate school.

2005-05-16 21:19:11 by timble

Go for an assistantship

It's a great way to get through graduate school, whichever degree(s) you pursue. The assistantship pays tuition and usually an additional small stipend. You'll have less debt and fewer worries! Good luck.
By the way, you may be able to serve as a TA or RA in a field other than the one to which you apply. You might be hired to teach WR 111 or Math 105--who knows? You may also serve as a professor's assistant with a research project. There are numerous opportunities out there. Write to the Universities you are interested in and ask about funding for graduate school. Good luck!

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