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Without doubt, study in the United States offers the opportunity to enter the world of work from the "front door", both for the high educational standard for the opportunity to grow in an international environment. Before you consider a master's degree or a specialization in the U.S., however, we must prepare for a series of entrance test.

What is a Bachelor's Degree?
As in other Commonwealth countries (Great Britain, Australia and Canada), the U.S. university system is divided into levels. But unlike what happens in England, a Bachelor Degree - the equivalent of our first degree - is four years, instead of three. The course of study is divided in two blocks, the first two years regard teachings general practitioners (the Foundation Course), while in the second part, students choose which subjects to be addressed (majors).
The Bachelor's Degree can be achieved both in universities and colleges (state and private).
The difference between college and university is that generally only the first offer Undergraduate Degrees, while universities also offer Graduate Degrees (postgraduate courses).

What is a Master's Degree?
The post-graduate courses, ie the Master's Degree, equivalent to our degree courses, so need to be careful and not confuse them with what we commonly call Master. The Master Italians are distinguished first-and second-level (ie, post-graduate degree or post-graduate degree), while in the United States are only accessible after the Bachelor's Degree. The main difference, however, is in the type of Master's degree or specialization. The Master, in fact, can be divided into:

  • Academic Master (Master of Arts - MA - or Master of Science - MS), whose purpose is to prepare for the career of the university and PhD (doctorate);

  • Professional Master (Master of Business Administration - MBA - Master of Education - MED - Master of Social Work - MSW) geared for entry into the labor market. To access the MBA Americans must pass the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT), for more information here is the official website of the GMAT . In the United States, the certification related to the Business School is released from ' AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the equivalent of our Asfor).

  • Medicine (Doctor of Medicine - MD), Law (Juris Doctor - JD) and Engineering (Master of Engineering - MEng) are only post-graduate courses, so students must have completed a Bachelor's degree before applying for one of these courses.

2003-04-29 22:20:10 by pun4fun

U of rising from the ashes!

The problem as I see it with University of Phoenix is that it started out as a lower level correspondence school and basically still is...not only that, now that all of the top Colleges and Universities offer online classes and AA or BA degrees, the University of Phoenix is still a BIG joke to employers!
Take Los Angeles for example...UCLA, USC, offers online classes, the deal is if you enro...classes for the will graduate with your class and a real degree..from a kown school with real credits!
So ask yourself... $3,000 a year for a U of Phoenix education or $3,000 a year from, lets say, UCLA Online Classes, a real BA and walking on graduation day with your class ON CAMPUS with no difference n your diploma whether you did it online, weekend, a combination or anything

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