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Alma Graduate School was founded in 2000 (under the name of Almaweb) as Consortium of Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Foundation. Since then he has built a project in which knowledge and experience from different worlds to meet, in an interdisciplinary perspective that is its main distinguishing feature. After a period of very rapid organic growth, in May 2006, Alma was merged with Profingest Management School, the school founded in 1985 at the instigation of the most important economic institutions in the region. Profingest led "dowry" his twenty years of experience in the field of management education, an organic link with the main economic institutions of the region, a solid organization and an important network of alumni.

Today Alma Graduate School is one of the largest graduate schools of our country with determination and overlooks the panorama europeo.I faculty from four departments of the Alma Mater Studiorum: The Department of Communication, the Department of Electronics, Computer Science and Systems Engineering, the Department of Management and the Department of Computer Science. In addition, the faculty includes professors from other disciplines and other universities who, along with managers and consultants established, they are constantly involved in the programs, giving life to a scientific and cultural context of high livello.A take advantage of this innovative approach are the participants to master. That have the ability to integrate into its post-graduate training process different schemes and tools, to develop the skills necessary to act effectively in complex situations.

The headquarters of Alma Graduate School is Villa Guastavillani, 4, 000 square feet on the first hills of Bologna, in less than ten minutes from the city center, where history, tradition and technology co-exist in a natural setting of exceptional beauty. An interior design project by Massimo Iosa Ghini has allowed us to rethink these spaces, now destined to high education, the computer lab, classrooms, the auditorium and all the technological equipment are state of the art in continuous renewal. The park of Villa, fully covered by a secure wireless network, complete the context of this campus where the best talent are dedicated spaces and large structures designed to facilitate the learning process.

Alma Graduate School and Profingest have joined forces to form a new ruling class innovation-oriented, capable of making decisions and facing the international scene, which can be an engine of change for our economy and society.

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Try APA or

Your best bet for graduate school writing samples is the American Psychological Association (APA) website, as much graduate writing is done in the APA or MLA formats.
Also, one of the best online writing web sites is the OWL at Purdue ... simply type that into any search engine.
If you are putting anything up in the top right corner (page header) I suggest it's your name followed by the words "Writing Sample" (without the quote marks. Good luck.

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Rankings, links..

Architect Online Architectural School Rankings:
From Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, how to select an architecture school:
Architecture program search engine at

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