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A million leaves school each year

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At the beginning of the school year, the biggest challenge facing the education system in Mexico is to prevent just over a million children and youth in elementary, middle and high school drop out of school by poverty, by failing grades because "they do not like school" for bullying or early pregnancies and addictions.

From morning to attend school more than 26 million students in basic education, and will add to the nearly 7.5 million high school, undergraduate and graduate courses that started two weeks ago.

The dropout rate in Mexico estimates that more than one million students begin classes tomorrow will not end with the school year, will leave at some point the primary, secondary or high school.

With figures from the National Institute for Educational Evaluation (INEE), it is estimated that "dropouts or neglect" of this group cost the country more than 18 thousand 599 million pesos last year.

This is the budget or spending per student laSecretaría of Public Education (SEP) allocated to the formation of more than one million 95 thousand students.

In the primary are 104 000 366 students who leave school is calculated in one school, in high school, 345 000 376 adolescents, and in high school, 645 000 705, according to the dropout rate recorded in Mexico Educational elPanorama 2012.

It means that for every 100 children who started primary school today, 0.7% leave school for any reason, and they devoted a 9000 budget of 174 pesos. Another 5.6% will go before completing high school, per student cost over 14 thousand dollars, and 14.9% leave high school education, at a cost of 19 thousand 650 pesos per student.

In the case of the upper level, statistics show just efficiency, the rate of those who completed their studies is 50% of those who started a degree or engineering.

After recognizing that there is a "problem" for the number of students who leave school to varying degrees, the SEP will start from tomorrow a series of actions in basic education and high school dropout to attack.

In the case of primary and secondary unveiled guidelines "low normal". Among other things, provides that each group has a teacher, that they meet the 200 days of school, avoid distractions and initiate timely academic activities that books and materials arrive timely, engaging students in school activities and make all have an equal learning.

Global Issues

For high school, the head of the SEP, Emilio Chuayffet, predicted that will launch an "ambitious program", recognizing that they are almost 650, 000 people who leave school each year, meaning that a day of school, 3000 250 young people decided to leave school.

The study of the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO) reported that this was equivalent to that every 25 seconds, on average, a young man decided not to continue their studies in high school.

I do not Neglect is the movement against truancy in secondary education, a strategy that defines actions that between teachers and parents will locate those at risk of dropping out.

Estimates of the organization and the first Mexican National Survey Dropout in School Education, SEP, said that for every 100 children who enter primary school, only two achieved postgraduate studies.

Some students enter school and others to a "machine that ejects" for different reasons, says researcher at El Colegio de Mexico, Manuel Gil Anton.

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2005-03-11 08:25:48 by mml512

Online Engineering Degree program, your thoughts

I am considering doing an online graduate degree program in Environmental Engineering at a school called Worchester Polytechnical Institute
already have a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and am working full time right now. The only school close by that has an evening Master's degree program is San Jose State. It will take 3 years to complete their program. What really bugs is the commute time, since it takes me almost 2 hrs a day to get to school and back, and the teachers there arn't all that great either.
There are many online degree programs out there and im sure many people are doing these programs otherwise they wouldnt be in business still

2009-06-03 20:04:37 by ShanniC

Online College vs. Online Degree

Okay here's the deal. Many people on this board conflate an online degree with an online college, when the two are very different from one another. You need to avoid schools which are completely online,(i.e. there is no physical location or campus.)
I suggest that you attend a state university with distance learning programs because they tend to offer instate tuition to online only students.
I have seen several colleges that offer M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering online. I am a graduate of a brick and mortar research university, but I am interested in online degree programs from accredited research universities

2004-02-29 19:14:08 by erus

Ebiz graduate degree

I found a program for a masters in ebusiness at Carnegie Mellon that is currently offered only on campus. To take the program remotely (distance / online learning) I need to find a few other locals interested in joining me. Its not too late to start in fall 04.
The program consists of half technology and half business with a focus team projects (just like in b school). Taken part time (remotely) you can get a degree in 2 years. Its total cost is less than $50k, you'll have an alumni network of both their b school as well as their engineering (CMU was rated #2 in engineering by Business Week - www

2007-01-04 18:25:48 by tlbrink

It all depends on the school offering the degree

Several graduate programs in the hard sciences have been online for ten years (e.g., Montana). Several engineering programs have been online almost as long (e.g., Auburn). The most recent big name is Stanford.
The problem is that some disreputable companies doing business as universities with out of state accreditations have given online a bad name (like some place named Phoenix which has most of its students outside of Arizona).

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