Best Masters programs for Engineering

  • Master di secondo livello in Petroleum Engineering and Operations (XI edizione) Promoters: Eni Exploration & Production , and Eni Corporate University , in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Turin .

    Purpose: Through this initiative, Eni E & P intends to promote a training program post-graduate students can specialize in the subjects of interest to their business.

    Duration: 12 months (including the internship).

    Program: teaching academic and business English at the Politecnico di Torino + on the job training (internship) at Eni E & P.

    Features: Students will be divided into two different specializations ("Reservoir & Drilling" and "Production & Logistics")

    Participants: 40 graduates (including 30 Italians and 10 from other countries) in Aerospace Engineering and Astronautics, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Nuclear Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Land Planning, Modelling Mathematical-Physics for Engineering, Naval Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Geological, Geophysical Sciences, Geological Science and Technology.

    Scholarships: Eni E & P provides scholarships for Italian and foreign participants.

    Closing dates for registration:
    - April 8, 2013 for foreign applicants.
    - September 13, 2013 for the Italian.

    Download the announcement (English version only)

  • Calculated Industries Calculated Industries 6025 Scale Master Pro Digital Plan Measure
    Home Improvement (Calculated Industries)
    • 72 Built-in scales for more versatility, 39 imperial (feet-Inch) and 33 metric
    • 6 Custom Scales, 3 each for imperial and metric units, lets you "roll" or plans that have been reduced, enlarged, faxed or are otherwise out of scale
    • Calculate area, volume, height, length, width for imperial and metric units
    • Manual Count while rolling for studs, piers, outlets or other items. Subtract function to remove the last distance measured
    • Includes 2 long-life 3-volt batteries, hard cover protective case, English User Guide, multi-language available on corporate website
    2005-04-02 02:35:22 by gone_to_seed

    I'm thinking of going back to school for Civil

    Engineering...would it be better to aim for a 2nd undergrad degree (already have a BS in the oh so useful field of Psych) or should I try for a masters program?
    I recognize that career wise it would be best to get into a Masters program however I'm doubting that I have the background to be accepted into an engineering graduate school. Most graduate engineering programs appear to require an eng. undergrad degree.
    An example of this from Santa Clara U's website:
    To be considered for admission to the graduate program in Civil Engineering, an applicant must meet the fo

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