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As part of the creation of an international campus in Saclay "Ecole Polytechnique must obviously play a leading role in building the campus and lead, within it, a reconciliation of a group of colleges , "it said in a report issued in late 2010 the Minister of Defence (Ministry of attachment of X) by Marion Guillou, President of the Board of Directors with the AEF (Education Training Agency) has reveal the content.

State of play

, Agro ou encore les Arts et métiers mais aussi HEC. ParisTech now includes the cream of top engineering schools such as the French Ecole Polytechnique, the Ensae, Agro or the arts and crafts as well as HEC. But all did not intend to settle in Saclay where a huge group must give birth to a campus involving 55, 000 students Versailles Orsay.

Result, while its president, Cyril van Effenterre advocates a reconciliation of twelve members ParisTech but more of the eight that are in Saclay (read her interview on the site Educpros ), while some think it should go further away in a large merger with universities, and others at the Ecole Polytechnique imagine a new scenario. Their idea? , Ensae , Agro, Mines, Télécom, Institut d'optique Graduate School). Create a public entitled "Polytechnic Campus" which meet only seven engineers ParisTech schools decided to settle in Saclay (Polytechnique Ensta, Ensae, Agro, Mining, Telecom, Optical Institute Graduate School).

The X engine

And what might seem incongruous few months ago is much less now since Paul Vialle, President of the Foundation for Scientific Cooperation "Paris-Saclay Campus", resigned on March 30 due to the non-selection initiative of excellence it implemented (see the list of the selected blog "projects Could do better "). Case against him? A half term governance issues within a Saclay campus deemed unmanageable.

Quarrel egos for?

Sans être aussi fusionnel, le projet de Polytechnique est sensiblement du même acabit puisqu'on peut y lire qu'il est «essentiel que ce grand établissement puisse délivrer des diplômes et ainsi être capable de rivaliser avec les meilleures institutions mondiales de formation technologique comme le MIT (NDLR : Massachusetts Institute of Technology)». If the creation of Agro ParisTech (born from the merger of INA PG, Engref and Ensia) was "very smoothly" and told me recently Remi Toussain, its chief executive, it is because the three member schools "felt the need to come together to achieve a size that make us one of the five or ten greatest actors training in life sciences and the environment in the world." Without being fusional The draft Polytechnique is roughly the same ilk can read because it is "essential that this great institution to award degrees and thus be able to compete with the world's best technology training institutions like MIT (note: Massachusetts Institute of Technology). "

In addition, as part of Agro ParisTech alumni have easily joined the project. Those mines or Telecoms they accept them someday be integrated into a Polytechnic Campus? And those Polytechnique share their prestigious brand with others? Some may still turf wars following the merger of ESCP-EAP and the impossibility of finding a name that make you forget the elders of the ESCP that their school (eventually became remember there is little ESCP Europe after years of a very readable ESCP-EAP). tutelle de ce Campus Polytechnique alors que ce même rapport prône que l'Ecole Polytechnique conserve la tutelle du Last problem: guardianship of the Polytechnic Campus while the same report argues that the Polytechnic retains guardianship of "Minister of Defense and the military status of the engineering students."

Human Kinetics Teaching Children Physical Education - 3rd Edition: Becoming a Master Teacher
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2008-03-24 07:50:37 by hgdf4535

Physics Phd: limiting?

I am a year away from finishing an undergrad degree in physics, and am starting to look at phd programs, again in physics. I am pretty sure I want to go into research or something research-oriented; fields like nanotech really seem like they'd be interesting, as many different fields seem about to converge around that.
But anyway, talking to some people I know who are in the workforce has gotten me worried:
Would getting a P.h.d. in physics or applied math limit my career options to research/academia and narrow my salary range? I had always thought that I would keep my options open, because as I said, many different fields seem to be poised to converge around things like nanotech (like biomedical or computer technology etc

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