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Secondary Education
Many parents choose for their children's secondary education abroad, will give priority consideration to the quality of education and the environment. The British comprehensive secondary education, their children abroad to study is intended for parents who choose not to be missed, and far through the British education exhibition to Taiwan from the United Kingdom on behalf of the school face to face communication, understanding of English secondary education in a safe learning environment, you The children will be nurtured by high quality teaching and get the best care.


In the UK, where the 16-year-old students must participate in the HKCEE English in order to obtain high school General Certificate of Education (GCSE), International General Certificate of Education School (IGCSE) or vocational subjects in secondary schools General Certificate of Education (Vocational GCSE) qualification in .

After completing secondary general education test, students can be based on future plans, continue over the age of 16 elective school opened by a one-year advanced secondary level courses (AS-Levels), to participate in advanced secondary-level certification exam. Most of the students completing advanced secondary level exam, would choose for a further year into the class curriculum (A-Level), to participate into the class certification exams. Some cases, students can choose to participate at the age of 16 two-year International Baccalaureate Examination Courses (IB). In addition, the UK also provides other technology-oriented vocational secondary education certificate programs, such as: the National Vocational Qualifications (GNVQ's) courses or advanced vocational education certificate (Vocation A-Levels) courses, students complete all can continue even after training convergence Higher Education courses or expand.

British boarding school and college coursework

Boarding schools offer students aged under 18 the best pipeline for further study and the environment, students can complete the English secondary schools General Certificate of Education / English Education Examination (GCSE's) courses, English secondary school general education Advanced level courses (AS-levels ), General Certificate of Education into the class curriculum / English matriculation (A-levels) and International Baccalaureate exam courses (IB).

Course content mainly with 16-- 18 years old student, providing the highest quality teaching and teachers, as well as the most professional English teaching and employment counseling. Overseas International students can choose English boarding school, college or expand education taught school, studying Secondary General Certificate of Education (GCSE's), English matriculation (A-levels) as well as other equivalent degree courses.

Corwin More High School Graduates: How Schools Can Save Students From Dropping Out
Book (Corwin)
2010-08-27 18:52:49 by JacobMasters

Foreign aid is a drain on America!

America should have nothing less than 100% literacy rate among adults, so it is shocking that America ranks 21st in literacy rate world wide. American schools should be a model for the benefit of public education, yet still there are Americans that cannot read or fail to competently function in society because of illiteracy. You can help change this tragedy.
Thirty-eight percent of big-city schools report at least one inadequate building, compared with 30 percent of schools in rural areas and 20 percent of schools on the fringe of cities. Additionally, 67 percent of inner-city schools, serving nearly 10 million students, report the need to repair or replace plumbing, heating, or foundations

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