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The Government of Canada is always looking to help people will be doing professional,the opportunities are many.There is that OSAP is a loan system with reasonable payments beginning six months after the end of the course,and several other scholarships are available through the Department of Canadian Education.This new payment of 30% of the courses offered by the provincial government and a scholarship to full-time student in universities and colleges.Note that this bag is not valid for students doing masters or doctorate and will have their last day to register for March 31,2012.

Beginning in September 2012,the scholarship will pay for students:

• $ 1.600 a year for students who will graduate from a program of a public college or university in Ontario,and;

• $ 730 in a year to students attending a certificate program or degree at a public college

To be eligible for the scholarship students must:

  • Full time study at a university or public college in Ontario;
  • Enter a program for the first time,ie,a program in which the student has applied and been entered directly from high school;
  • Be within a period of four years after graduating from high school;
  • The income of their parents not be greater than $ 160, 000.00,and;
  • Be a Canadian citizen,permanent resident or refugee protected by the government and be a resident of Ontario

Have more questions?Call toll-free 1-888-449-4478

For those who already receive OSAP will not need to register again.The student will automatically be considered for receiving the scholarship.Students eligible for the scholarship will receive a check or direct deposit account.

Students who do not receive OSAP should provide more information when registering for example:

  • Social Security Number - SIN;
  • Social security number of the parents,and;
  • Line 150 of income of parents

Then will need:

  • Register with OSAP to get an access number;
  • Complete and submit the online registration for the scholarship,and;
  • Print the pages that statement and must be signed by parents

Then send by mail the signed pages for:

Student Financial Assistance Branch

Ministry of Training,Colleges and Universities

PO Box 4500

189 Red River Road,4th Floor

Thunder Bay,ON P7B 6G9

Fax: (807) 343 7551

Students will receive a check by mail

To register click on the linke below:

Information provided by the Ministry of Training Institutions and Universities of Ontario.

Social work practice competency elements: A criterion framework for developing a social work practicum curriculum in the Master of Social Work Program (Publication series. Monograph series)
Book (Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto)
2009-03-09 18:51:31 by pink_pits

Resume to reflect graduate school

I'll be graduating from grad school this spring (best time, I know) and starting to put together my resume.
I want to use the chronological format, but would that mean I still start out with "work experience" on top and follow with "education"?
My work experience has been on hiatus since 2007, when I started grad school, so I'm wondering if HR managers will overlook my education if it is near the bottom of the resume. Would it be okay to start out with "education" and then follow with "work experience?"
Any tips would be great. Thanks.

2011-05-15 17:35:15 by jkiryako

Resume Question: Mid-career graduate school

I worked for around 10 years before I went back to school for a couple of years to get a graduate degree. Now I've been back in the workforce for around 3 years.
How do I handle the gap in my work experience on the "Experience" section? You can figure it out from the "Education" section, but is it worth mentioning at all anywhere else in the resume?

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