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Frodham University (Fordham University)

Frodham University (Fordham University)

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Frodham University Introduction

Frodham University was built in 1841, living in New York City, Bronx fall in private; may grant bachelors, masters and doctorate. Frodham University students in the school as 12, 256 people, including 5, 351 people graduate students from 23 countries. 865 teachers, including 497 full-time, part-time 368 people, with 90 percent of full-time teachers have a doctorate.

Library: collection of 1.5 million, 1.3 million microforms, periodicals 8284 kinds.

Research institutions and laboratories: Calder heritage protection and Ecology; family and children's services center; third Geriatric Center; Spanish research centers; Institute for Social Research. Research branches: W · Alton Jones Cell Science Center; New York Zoological Society; New York Marine Science Libraries; New York Botanical Garden.

Section: Graduate School; Graduate School of Arts; Business Graduate School of Management; Graduate School of Education (management, supervision and Urban Policy Division, Faculty of curriculum and teaching, psychology and educational institutions of the Faculty); religion and religious education graduate school; Graduate Social Services hospital; School of Law.

Founded in 1841 as the first Catholic institution of higher learning in the northeast, Fordham is an independent university in the Jesuit tradition. It grants baccalaureate degrees in the liberal arts and sciences and business administration to both traditional and non-traditional students. Fordham's undergraduate student body both reflects the diversity of the metropolitan area in which the University is located and includes students from other regions who are attracted to New York's cosmopolitan culture. Whether educated at the Rose Hill or Lincoln Center campus, Fordham students benefit from close contact with a distinguished faculty who teach at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels. The Jesuit tradition informs every aspect of a Fordham education. This tradition is characterized by excellence in teaching, and by the care and development of each individual student. Fordham's undergraduate core curriculum is designed to develop the capacity for clear and critical thinking and correct and forceful expression. It seeks to impart a knowledge of scientific principles and skills, an awareness of historical perspective, an understanding of the contemporary world with its cultural diversity, and an intelligent appreciation of religious, philosophical and moral values. Thus, instruction goes beyond the transmission and acquisition of basic knowledge to the exploration of questions of values ​​and ethics. Fordham insists that its students anchor their knowledge and appreciation of the culture, language, history, philosophy, and literature of the Western tradition as well as of other peoples by constantly considering the impact of their behavior and decisions on society as a whole. In the future, as in the past, Fordham will continue to affirm the compatibility of a Catholic, Jesuit identity and respect for diverse religious and philosophical convictions within its educational community. It is in this spirit that Fordham encourages its students to develop an individual commitment to others and explore those themes which are central to the Jesuit tradition: the dignity of the human person, the advancement of the common good and the option for the poor. Of its students, Fordham expects intellectual ability, the desire to engage actively in their own education, a commitment to growth in personal and social values ​​and the willingness to judge and be judged on clear and high standards . Through students' participation in the intellectual community, Fordham teaches them not only how to use the resources of this world, but also how to make their own contribution.

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Public Education Is Failing Black Male Students.

Only 47 Percent Of Black Male Students Graduate High School Nationwide, Study Shows
A 50-state report from the Schott Foundation for Public Education has come to a dispiriting conclusion: public education is failing black male students. Nationwide, the graduation rate for this demographic of students is a paltry 47 percent. And in some major cities, it's perilously low--in New York City and Philadelphia, for example, only 28 percent of black males complete high school on time.

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