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Why Study in the USA

  • There are tens of thousands of excellent colleges and universities in the United States, the ideal country to continue postgraduate studies
  • The U.S. is the world's largest economy. Due to the presence of many multinational companies, is the ideal place to look for work after your course
  • If you wish to continue their studies in scientific research or look for a job in the music and film industries, the United States is the leader in these sectors
  • The United States is a great country with many minority cultures, landscapes and cuisines, and you can learn a lot about American diversity traveling across the country

Study English in the USA

The United States is one of our most successful destinations. We offer a variety of English courses in our schools across the country and, whatever your goals of learning, we can help you choose the English course in USA best suited to achieve them.


. Below is a brief description of our English courses in the USA, for more details request a catalog or call us at toll free number 800 827 106.

Courses in the USA

(Children aged 10 to 18 years)

For children and young people, we organize a wide variety of study trips in the U.S. during the summer vacation in California, Seattle, Florida, New York and New England. The courses for the younger ones put together outdoor activities and classroom instruction to give the opportunity to the kids to leave to the discovery of America in a safe and fun environment.

Our English schools in the USA

(Children from 16 years and adults)

We have a network of accredited schools across America, from Florida to Chicago and from New York to Honolulu. Who wants to combine learning English with fun on the beach, you can choose the schools in California, Hawaii and Miami. The schools housed in major college campuses in New York and Boston and schools of San Francisco, Seattle and San Diego allow you to experience the life of American college students.

  • Courses in preparation for qualifying TOEFL or TOEIC
  • Qualification courses specific language for the professions
  • In-depth courses on legal English, the American media, cinema, Hawaiian culture
  • Possibility of internships in American companies
  • Accommodation on campus with American students in families in residence or independent

Other EF Programs

Cultural exchanges in high school English for a year or a school term
School diplomas to high school American private
University preparation courses to enable you to get into a university in the U.S.
Courses Inglese Business and specialized language training for professions

For more information about our English courses in the USA, call us at toll free number 800 827106 or request a catalog by e-mail or mail.

W. W. Norton The Norton Anthology of English Literature, 8th Edition, Volume 1
Book (W. W. Norton)
2008-03-25 12:57:40 by -

What's the best place in SF for English Degree?

I'd like to move to San Francisco in the next year or two, and I think I should go back to school there. I want an English degree, and I was wondering if anyone in the area had any opinions on schools that offer English or language majors. I'd also prefer schools with student housing, since that will be an easier way to get settled in.

2007-06-22 15:45:30 by pennyforthoughts

If I want to major in English...

I am an INFP type to the letter. English has always been my "best" subject. After much deliberation and taking different courses of interest in CC, I have decided to major in English.
However, I wouldn't make a very good teacher, unless it were for K-3 grades or ESL students. I'm not a very good public speaker but I am very patient and compassionate to the needs of others.
On the other...e and expensive, but it seems to interest a lot of English majors. Am I too idealistic in thinking that this is the kind of job that will allow me to read all day holed up in an office full of hefty books?
I wouldn't even mind working as a waitress or cashier, but I am painfully shy and clumsy, and I would also like a job that will allow me to use thinking skills as opposed to "manual" work

2007-05-26 13:18:19 by lubnabee

Want to go to Pharmacy School

20 years ago I attended college with intention of working as a Pharmacist. However I changed majors and received a BS in Marketing.
I now want to pursue that Pharmacy. My husband and I have hopes of opening Pharmacy in his home country.
Anyone can advise me on best route to take? I do plan to go to NVCC and take the 60 hours required to apply for Pharmacy School. I took these 2o years ago but it is my understanding I have to take ALL course over. Including very elementary courses like English 101, 102, College Math..etc
Anyone have any advice or experience Please share.
thanks in advance

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