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Seventeenth-century China, is a face regime change, panic disorder era, but in art history, but it is the most productive creative painter of the era. Professor Gao Juhan mentioned in the book: "Even in the history of world art, European painting before the 19th century, are also difficult to match the seventeenth century Chinese painting."

1978 to 1979, the Harvard University Professor Gao Juhan should prestigious Norton (Charles Eliot Norton) invited lecture to the Ming and Qing art in the title published research experiences. According to Norton lectures on past experience that all the lectures and assembled into a book published writings, literary and art circles eventually become a classic. This book is no exception has entered the classics of the forest, and get the American Academy of Arts Association as the best art history books.

Through analysis of the eloquent and vivid, and rich and delicate picture contrast, readers not only can without difficulty into the seventeenth century, a number of Chinese artists ─ ─ including Zhang, Dong Qichang, Wu Bin, shou, Hong Ren, Gong Xian, Wang Qi Shi Tao ─ ─ mind and creative world which, at the same time, you can clearly see the Chinese art, the nature and style of the complex dialectical relationship.

About the author

Professor Gao Juhan (Professor James Cahill)

Born in California in 1926, studied art history in China today one of the authorities. In 1950, graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, Department of Oriental Philology. After that, respectively, in 1952 and 1958, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor obtained master's and doctorate in art history, mainly to follow the late renowned scholar Luo Yue (Max Loehr) attend Chinese art history. Professor Gao Juhan had Freer Gallery of Art in Washington, DC in the United States for nearly ten years, and served as director of the museum of Chinese art, he also served as the late Swedish art historian hi Yongin (Osvald Siren) assistant, helping it to complete "China Painting History "(seven volumes) writing program. In 1965, he began teaching at the University of California, Berkeley Department of Art History, responsible for the Chinese art history courses. After retirement in 1994, continues to serve as honorary professor of the department.

Professor Gao Juhan himself, and important works include "History of Chinese Painting" (1960), "Chinese paintings Index" (1980), and many important exhibitions bibliographic. In addition, he also embarked on a set of five paintings of the late Chinese history written plan, in which the first volume "across the mountains: the Yuan Dynasty painting", which was published in 1976; Book II "Riverbank farewell: the early and mid Ming Dynasty Painting, "published in 1978; third book, " Mountains Beyond Mountains: Late Ming Painting "in 1982 out of (the Chinese version of the books mentioned by Stone Publishing Co., Ltd. exclusive publication); As for the fourth and fifth volumes written work, and is now temporarily suspended. 1978-79 years, Professor Gao received the prestigious Harvard University, Norton (Charles Eliot Norton) invited lecture to the Ming and Qing art history on the occasion of the topic, published research experience, and after finishing the book "momentum awesome: seventeenth-century Chinese painting in the nature and style, "published in 1982 (Chinese version also increased from stone PublishingPublication). The book won the 1982 National Arts Council selected the best year art history books.

Mosby Nursing, The Finest Art: An Illustrated History, 3rd Edition
Book (Mosby)
2009-10-13 12:05:36 by -

If your undergrad degree is fine arts

And your PhD is art history or whatever you can still teach painting. Well, I guess your best idea is to find someone who does the very job you love and ask them how they got to that point in life. Good luck, I am struggling with the decision to go to grad school, too. Senior now and just applying now and stressed.

2009-08-12 04:48:28 by Tomf_22033

While harsh a few things to consider

While some of the replies you got were harsh, the message is correct in that only you can figure out what is the right degree for you. No one can tell you what is best for you.
If your goal is to teach and to teach at the CC or university level you need at least a masters and often a PhD. As you know the MFA is a terminal degree but that may not be enough if you want to be on a tenure track position at a university. In other words, you might need to get an MFA in studio arts and then also a PhD in say art history.
Now as far as what to get, I'd suggest that you think of the degree as a means to getting you to where you want to be (in this case)

2007-03-30 14:14:33 by particularly_by

That is true re: second class treatment, most

Some PhD students, but they tend to "know" more as opposed to being smarter. Still, the institution does favor them with priority seating in the small seminars. This is why it is important to establish a relationship with the faculty you want to work with ahead of time. Once you are "in" with them, you are in their seminars.
Still, a lot of times star faculty are mainly concerned with their own careers, they are good to know and take classes with, but they may not be the best people to guide MA thesis projects. The preceptors will know which faculty are good at that. (Generally, the non-tenured, newer faculty seemed most approachable and open to working with MA students

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