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MBA, namely mba, Master Of Business Administration, is derived from the United States and Europe as a senior professional managers specializing in training the professional master's degree. BBA Master is a product of the market economy, is to train highly qualified management personnel, professional managers and entrepreneurs MBA is generally considered to be the business community joined this managerial a stepping stone. At present, many schools in order to develop their resources to increase revenue, with the world-renowned University Business School academic cooperation and sales of their MBA program. BBA Master is to train high-quality professional industrial and commercial management personnel, equip them with the production, finance, finance, marketing, economic regulations, international business and other multi-disciplinary knowledge and management skills.

Type of course

The first one is for senior managers working enroll courses often use work time I attend, called high-level Master of Business Administration (Executive MBA, referred EMBA);

The second is for university graduates serving manager or enroll to enhance their knowledge of general management MBA program, namely MBA prototype.

The third is for practitioners serving or have more than two years work experience in order to strengthen its business management expertise based MBA program, also called MBA (Master of Science in Business Administration, referred MSBA)

A Northwestern University's Kellogg School - to marketing the most famous long ago, the college marketing professor Philip Kotler lecture in Shanghai up to several thousand dollars a ticket. In all of the top ten schools, Kellogg students is perhaps the most relaxed, very happy because the school between the students help each other.

Both discuss the case, or looking for work are very happy to help.

Second, the University of Chicago - School of Business in the "theory" to send to the hospital to consider as many as five Nobel laureates, which is not surprising. University of Chicago students are mostly directed at its reputation in the financial sector to go last year, 80% of school students interested in investment banking. University of Chicago in the last year admitted 80 Chinese people, although this year dropped to more than 40, it is still the top business schools in the largest number of people admitted to Chinese schools.

Prentice Hall Press How to Get into the Top MBA Programs, 6th Editon
Book (Prentice Hall Press)
2009-07-29 13:08:17 by No6

Best for what? MBA PhD?

As others have suggested at the graduate level it is more about the department, and I would say even the sub specialty
In looking at PhD programs it is best that you know what your 3 areas of interest are. Who the leaders in that sub field are and where they teach.
A couple of things you can look at in general are American Association of Universities whose members are the top 62 or so research universities in the country. You could also look at US News and World Reports.
If you are still in school or recently graduated talk to some of your professors

2006-06-26 14:08:42 by The_AssMunch_Redux

Don't count on a top tier graduate program.

You got two in the Bay Area. Stanford and Berkeley. A 3.64 from a "state" school is not going to get you into any of those.
You best bet - those software engineering masters programs at Carnagie Mellon or it's part time MBA program in Mountain View. Then again, with those, you won't be able to teach anyone anything at any University, nor are they as respected as the full time Carnegie Mellon MBA program, a genuine Comp Sci master from Carnagie Mellon, or anything from Berkeley or Stanford.

2010-05-07 19:31:55 by MaynardWF

Much of it depends on your target program ...

What graduate degree in computer science are you pursuing and where? Where is your undergrad from? Why are you thinking of grad school in the first place?
For a good MBA school, it is pretty much essential that you have business experience. For some other programs, it isn't as important. But there isn't one answer, so you need to feed us more information if you want help.
Also, the admissions advisers or program chairs at your target school(s) are the best places to start.

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