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The Federal Institute for Education, Science and Technology São Paulo (IFSP), former Federal Center of Technological Education of São Paulo (CEFET / SP) and former Federal Technical School of São Paulo, is an institution that offers higher education levels, basic and professional, so multi curriculum. It is an institution multicampi, specializes in offering professional and technological education in different learning modalities, based on a combination of technical and technological knowledge to their teaching practices. 1

The IFSP is a federal institution, public, linked directly to the Ministry of Education.

The history of the IFSP records in its various phases, in addition to maintaining quality public education offering vocational oriented Brazilian economic development, especially in the state of São Paulo.

How School for Craftsmen and established in 1909, had its project aimed at training of workers and foremen.

In 60-90 years, as the Federal Technical School of São Paulo, formed mid-level technicians, initially in the areas of Mechanical and Building, then to Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunications, Data Processing and Industrial Informatics.

In 1987 the school opened its second unit, located in Cubatão, São Paulo coast, and in 1996, the third unit in Sertãozinho within the state. 2

In the latter period, there was public recognition of the Federal Technical School of São Paulo for the excellent professional preparation of its students. Register the fact that, even today, it is still popularly known as the Federal Technical School or Federal de São Paulo.

From 2000, it consolidated its transformation into the Federal Center of Technological Education, was the remodeling and expansion of the educational institution.

2005 saw the establishment of the Unit Guarulhos, 2006 Units Caraguatatuba and São João da Boa Vista, the 2007 units Salto and Bragança Paulista in 2008 and Units of San Carlos and San Roque.

In 2009 there was a change to the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of São Paulo.

Currently, approximately 8, 000 students enrolled, the IFSP operates in the following levels and types:

Integrated High School, Courses in Engineering, Technology Courses, Degree Courses, Postgraduate Courses and Technical Courses.

In 2009 the school achieved the 35th position of the best schools in the country ENEM, and stood as the best public school in the state of São Paulo.

[ editar ] Transformation [ edit ]

In 2007 the Federal Government launched the Public Call MEC / SETEC n. º 002/2007, with the aim of analyzing and selecting proposals for the establishment of Federal Education, Science and Technology - IFETs, so the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of São Paulo was established in accordance with the Law 11.892/2008 by transformation of the Federal Center of Technological Education of São Paulo. His Rectory is located in the municipality of São Paulo.

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Some insight from a UC Berkeley Graduate Student

Berkeley has one of the best political science and history programs in the United States. It also boasts a specific major, PEIS, geared towards integrating economics, political science, and history. I can speak from experience that the history program in East Asia, Europe, and Latin American is exceptionally strong. The Middle East historian at Berkeley has a very pro-Palestinian slant (which could be a problem for some) and the historian who teaches international/diplomatic history can be a tad dry at times. I can't offer much insight into the political science department (sorry!). Please note that since both Berkeley and UCLA are both large schools you will most likely have graduate students in discussion section and even for senior seminars (albeit advanced doctoral students)

2007-06-20 17:46:54 by isobel77

Taking a break to sub: bad for teaching resume?

My boyfriend is an art teacher. He's 30, and for various complicated reasons has held three teaching positions since graduating college, the longest being three years. He also spent a year substitute teaching in between two of those jobs.
He is currently looking for a job for the fall, after we moved to a new state so I could attend grad school. Since art jobs are hard to come by, landing a permanent position may require him to live in another town. The other option would be for him to live here and substitute teach during my two year program, and assuming we move again after I graduate he would search for a permanent position then

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Like public schools have 100% perfect results?

I don't think so...
I think there is a place for all different forms of education, because one size does not fit all, and the goal is that our children learn to be the best person they can be and learn the skills they need to learn to be successful in life.
Andrea Yates happened to be a homeschooling failure (but her failure had nothing to do with her homeschooling -- her failure as a parent and her homeschooling were both effects of a particular cause). The Colfax family was a homeschooling success. There are countless other homeschool failures and successes as well as public and private school failures and successes out there

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