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Remain open until August 31, registration for the class of 2013 Residence Architecture and Urbanism of the Federal University of Bahia-UFBa. The entries must be made ​​by post (mail) with postage date between 01 to 31 August 2013, to the following address: Graduate Program in Architecture and Urban Planning - Residence in Architecture, Urbanism and Engineering. Faculty of Architecture, Federal University of Bahia, Av Caetano de Moura, 121, Federation. CEP: 40210-350 - Salvador - BA.

The Faculty of Architecture of the Federal University of Bahia (FAUFBA) through the Graduate Program in Architecture and Urbanism (PPGAU-UFBa) and LabHabitar, in partnership with the Polytechnic School (EP-UFBa), launched the proposal residence in Architecture, Urbanism and Engineering (AUE), like the Medical Residency, also considering the principles of Social Housing, located in UFBa.

In this new project, the work of the course will be through post-graduation courses for Technical Assistance in Housing and Right to the City, the multidisciplinary character of annual supply, free, geared toward professional and citizen, integrated institutions public interest, municipalities and social movements active in this area, thus increasing the social inclusion of the public university.

The perspective is the participatory development of innovative projects of social interest, to broaden access to public resources in promoting better housing and strengthening citizenship. For that, besides the course, the residence also includes EOR technique in field work and technical assistance for project preparation, through workshops, research, planning, and other related activities.

Pioneer in this proposal, is based in the Federal Law No. 11.888, of December 24, 2008, to ensure that low-income families, up to three (3) minimum wages in urban or rural areas, free public service for the design and construction of social housing, as part of the social right to housing.

The overall goal is to facilitate professional training and technical assistance to citizens in Architecture, Urban Planning and Engineering, facing poor communities and municipalities adherents as an activity integrated teaching, research and extension, in a participatory and multidisciplinary, to implement innovative projects in these areas of action, contributing to better housing and social inclusion.

To apply, candidates must submit the following documents: Fill in the registration form; Diploma (Minutes of Collation Grade) or Transcript Graduate Course; Identity; CPF Proof discharge with the electoral service and the military; Proof residential address, CV, 02 (two) 3 × 4 photos (recent); Proof of release of the employer, for candidates with employment.

Yale University Press Interpreting the Renaissance: Princes, Cities, Architects (Harvard University Graduate School of Design)
Book (Yale University Press)
2010-07-29 10:58:36 by humbleat

Is this fair? 1/2

Hi guys, im a recent graduate from an architecture school in bc. i graduated with distinction and my final project was among the best in my class. immediately after graduation i chose to stay at my practicum to continue my work there since i wasn't very optimistic about the job environment in the industry. my focus of my study at school was architectural design, rendering, drafting etc. the single principle firm that i work at gives me the opportunity to do what i loved to do. but here's the problem.
it has been a nightmare communicating with the principle. i work directly under him, basically following his orders to the letters

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