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Charles A. Goldmant

Charles A. Goodman (Charles A. Goldman)

Senior Economist; Pago to RAND Graduate School

Santa Monica headquarters

Educational background

Stanford Graduate School of Economic Analysis and Policy Ph.D.; Massachusetts Institute of Technology Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering


Charles A. Goodman is a senior economist at the RAND Corporation and Pa to RAND Graduate School of Economics professor. He specializes in national primary, secondary and higher education. Since 2002, he worked closely with the Government of Qatar, in various schools to promote high-quality teaching programs. He also studied the analysis of the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, South Korea, Singapore, China, India and the U.S. education system. His research work includes comparative studies, system design, governance and financing, implementation and impact evaluation plan, the effective use of data resources and data systems design, and strategic planning.

等人,蘭德公司出版,2007年),《追求聲望:美國高等教育的戰略與競爭》( Brewer等人,事務出版社,2004年),《博士夢工廠》(與William F. Massy合著, Anker Publishing Company ,2000年)。 His monograph include: "a new era of education: Kindergarten through 12th grade Qatar stage design and implementation of education reform" (Brewer et al, published in the RAND Corporation, 2007), "the pursuit of prestige: Strategy and competition in U.S. higher education "(Brewer et al, affairs Press, 2004), " Dr. DreamWorks "(coauthored with William F. Massy, ​​Anker Publishing Company, 2000 years).

Goodman has worked in the education department and the RAND RAND Arroyo Center Department of Manpower and training programs as deputy director.

Goodman at MIT Computer Science & Engineering degree from Stanford University Ph.D. in economic analysis and policy, and won a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford School of Education.

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2008-02-01 17:59:43 by Artie_Lang

For Profits are just as bad...

I worked in Corp America for 20 years. I was downsized so they could keep the young idiots who were cheaper.I worked for 1 non-profit for a year until they cut funding for my project.The non-profit was the best job I ever had and I was lucky to work with a very smart dude.I'm sure it varies but for-profits seem to hire the guy's with connections or some worthless degree.It's usually the staff under management who do the real work.I work freelance now and like the fact that Noting's forever!

2005-03-16 16:05:15 by Scott1967

Culinary Degree and Marketing Degree

I am at a crossroads. I have both a culinary degree and a BS in Marketing. I am 37 and too old to be bouncing from restaurant to restaurant trying to make a name for myself at minimal wages and no benefits. Trying to figure the best way to combine my two skills. In the meaintime I am doing some personal chefing and working at a non profit. Just not fulfilling enough. Any thoughts people?

2004-07-23 09:49:02 by goldenavatar

The best I can suggest... that you find out what doors your existing education and experience can open, if you don't already know for sure. Your degree might be old, but are your skills & experiences up to date? See if you've got any skills some non-profit is looking for on, basically look where you haven't looked already. I wish you the best of luck on this and I hope you're able ot get the 2-3 years of education done in record time.

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