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The Faculty of Cognitive Sciences, University of Trento, in the Master in Research Methodology in Education, is organizing a summer school devoted to the study and deepening of Grounded Theory.
The Summer School is aimed at graduates, graduate students, postdocs, researchers, professors and teachers, in the social sciences.


Janice Morse, University of Utah, USA, has a PhD in anthropology and social and health sciences. Internationally known scholar, he founded and directed for many years the ' International Institute for Qualitative Methodology at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. She is the author of important scientific articles and several books on qualitative research. He founded and directs the international scientific journal Qualitative Health Research ( QHR ).
He recently edited the book Developing Grounded Theory (2009)

Massimiliano Taron, associate professor of Methodology of qualitative research at the Faculty of Cognitive Science, University of Trento, is director of the Master in Research Methods in Education . Directs the scientific journal Encyclopaideia , a magazine of education, phenomenology, training. He recently published the book What is Grounded Theory (2008) and edited the Italian translation of The Discovery of Grounded Theory (2009) by B. Glaser and A. Strauss.

Luke Ghirotto, PhD and trainer official software NVivo - QSR International.


The participation fee is 380 € and includes:

  • enrollment and participation in the Grounded Theory Summer School;
  • teaching materials;
  • certificate of participation.


Massimiliano Taron, University of Trento,
Director Master in Research Methodology in Education

Luke Ghirotto, QSR International,
Head of Grounded Theory Summer School

For more information write to luca.ghirotto @ .

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